The young children of Holy Trinity celebrated their First Holy Communion at two special Masses on Sunday, June 28, 2020

First Communion was initially scheduled in April.  When the classes were cancelled due to the pandemic, the parents had to step up and implement lessons at home to complete the children’s preparation, and the celebration of the sacrament was the fruition of that preparation.

Congratulations to the children who received their First Holy Communion:
Alex Duran                                        Camila Muñoz
Joselyn Duran                                   Jesus Muñoz
Joslyn Garcia                                    Angel Rios
Antonio Gutierrez                           Maximiliano Tello
Giovanni Gutierrez                          Allie Valles
Diego Aguilar                                    Adela Canales
Samantha Bevan                             Evelyn Chavez
Liam Casillas                                     Alyssa Flores
Alexandrya Gomez                         Kaylee Thompson
Uriel Lira                                           Elizabeth Tolbert
Jacob Lowrey                                   Emmanuel Villalba
Jesus Mejia                                       Ramon Villalba
Marco Mena                                     Jacob Volkel (First Communion March 2020)

The children’s First Communion Mass is always my favorite Mass of the year.  The children come to the church, dressed in their best, beautiful and handsome, keenly aware of how special the day is.  When Fr. Wilson asked, “Do you believe you will really be receiving Jesus?”, they nodded with such earnestness.  Of course! They believe because the people they trust, parents, grandparents, the priest, the teachers, have told them that it is so. It is so simple: they approach Christ in the Eucharist with a child’s trust. When they receive Jesus in the sacrament for the first time, their upturned faces are suffused with wonder at the gravity of the moment, and as they return to their families, the gravity melts into joy.  Their approach to the sacrament this year was not easy or predictable, but we all recognized in the challenges, what privilege and joy it is to be able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. May God bless these children and their families.  May He send an end to this current pandemic that has restricted so many of us from being able to receive.  When we all gather for the Eucharist again, may we too be filled with the trust and faith of a child at First Communion.

Many people worked diligently to make this a beautiful celebration.  I offer my heartfelt thank you to:
               Catechists:  Kathleen Wilkins, Stephanie Herrera, Jeanne O’Conner, Genoveva Rosales, Rachel
                              Bevan, Eva Casillas, and Joseph Herlin
               Celebrant:  Fr. Wilson Lucka, TOR
               Acolyte:  Jesus Valadez
               Musicians:  Francisco Ochoa, Maria Najera, Daniel Meza, Kevin Swan, and Jackson Herlin
               Lectors:  Stephanie Herrera, Adam Valles, and Savannah Herlin
               Ushers:  Ginger and Jesse Benes
               Photographer and Videographer:  Paula-Marie Benes and Houston Herlin
               Certificates and flowers:  Brenda Riley
               Hospitality:  Genny Zapata, Judy Kirk, Kim Coleman and the Holy Trinity Women’s Guild

Nicole Herlin