Welcome RCIA candidates

On Wednesday, June 17th, we welcomed the remaining RCIA candidates into full communion and full initiation with the Catholic Church.  David Allen and Susan Gilbert entered into full communion; Anahi and Kevin Duran, Bernock and Keren Iya, Johnathan Garcia, Luis Gonzalez, Denzel Mejia, and Stephanie Granados entered into full initiation. Please join me in congratulating them and in rejoicing that they are now able to join us at the Eucharistic table.

Normally, these candidates and the elect would have received their sacraments at the Easter Vigil, but because of COVID, we had to delay.  In this time that is “unprecedented” in every way, I have been struck by the evidence of God’s plan.  All of us involved in the RCIA process—the volunteers, the candidates, the sponsors, the families were sad and somewhat unmoored by the necessity to delay.  The candidates had been so faithful, and now we were asking them to wait even longer to receive their sacraments.  It was very difficult.  And yet…because of the delay, a treasured grandparent, who was gravely ill at Easter, was able to attend the Mass…at the later date.  In another case, a much-anticipated grandchild who was part of the motivation of conversion arrived the same day as his grandfather was confirmed…at the later date.  Our Lord is so amazing, using even our disappointments to reveal Himself to us.  We are so truly blessed.

I want to offer my sincere thanks to those who dedicated themselves to walking with these candidates.  Thank you to our RCIA team:  Jesse Benes, Jefferey Thimesch, Sara Hyman, Kathleen Wilkins, Bernardo Perez, Ben Mendez, Virginia Cruz, Dick Schiefelbein, and Jesus Valadez.  Thank you to Fr. Wilson and our Holy Trinity staff.  Thank you to the families and the sponsors.  And thank you to our Holy Trinity parishioners whose prayers were vital in helping our candidates reach this joyous day.

Nicole Herlin