May marks the end of another school year and the inevitable time for awards and recognitions. Houston and I recently attended an athletics awards ceremony with our daughter, and the coaches had invited graduating seniors to speak about their high school athletic experiences and their plans to compete at the college level. One of the young women spoke about her recruiting experience and advised the young girls before her: you have to know your value; you have to know what you are worth.

What is your value? What are you worth? Awards ceremonies quantify that, right? You are the smartest, the most talented, the most popular, the fastest, the strongest, the most likely to succeed. Or you aren’t.

As this year of religious formation draws to a close, I want to tell you: your value is not defined by the the medals you win, the grades you earn, the likes you receive on Instagram. Your value comes from being a unique and precious child of God. You have a Creator who knew you before you were born, who formed you in the womb of your mother. You have a Savior who died for all humanity, and specifically for you, a flawed and beautiful and beloved human. You have an Advocate in the Holy Spirit who is eager to come to your aid and fill you with the fire and inspiration of grace. One of the Hebrew names for God in the Old Testament is “El Roi” which means “the God who sees me.”
You are a child of God–Creator, Savior, Advocate– who sees you, who knows and rejoices in YOU.

Know your value. Seek your special purpose. Know your worth.

May God bless you in mind, body and spirit!