Hospitality/Usher Ministry is a liturgical ministry where one welcomes and greets members of the congregation and visitors as they enter the church.   To be a usher you must be an active member of the men’s club or a spouse of an active member.

Responsibilities include:

1. Greeting people with a smile, a handshake and a good morning.

2. Opening doors, assisting the elderly and showing people where they can sit.

3. Directing the flow for communion and handing out the bulletin when Mass is over.

4. Parking cars when needed

5. Signing CCD cards

6. Taking up the collection

7. Assist in taking the gifts up to the altar.

It takes 6 ushers to make sure everything runs smoothly.  It’s easy work and we would love to have you.  We wear khaki pants and white shirts.  We have blue coats and name tags for winter.  If you would like to join please contact Mike Vance.

Chair Person: Mike Vance (817-237-5459) or (817-789-7431)