Volunteer and Fellowship Opportunities

Food Pantry:

The food pantry is a social outreach ministry that provides emergency assistance to families within specific zip code areas near the church. Volunteers pick up the food from Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) on Tuesday mornings to stock the pantry. Volunteers do the intake, determine eligibility, and assemble a grocery order determined by the size of the family. Volunteers with trucks are particularly welcome as two or three trucks pick up supplies each week.

Art and Environment Ministry:

Art and Environment Ministry is a liturgical ministry where the group decorates the Church for a beautiful celebration of the Liturgy on Special Feast Days.

Parish Social Gathering:

Parish Social Gathering is a fellowship ministry to bring together families and people by providing coffee and donuts on Sundays; or a wonderful meal at different occasions during the year.


Bereavement Ministry:

The Bereavement Ministry is a fellowship ministry bringing comfort, love and presence of our Parish family to an active parish family member as he or she walks through the mystery of death and celebrate the gift of everlasting life by providing a wonderful meal after the Funeral Service here at the parish

Children’s Liturgy Of The Word Ministry:

The Children’s Liturgy Of The Word Ministry is a wonderful program for our youngest parishioners so they too can hear the Word of the Lord presented in a manner they can understand. The program is designed for children who have not yet received their First Holy Communion and attained a level of understanding that allows them to appreciate the full meaning of the Liturgy. Children who have received their First Holy Communion should remain in the sanctuary during Children’s Liturgy and assume the expanded role that receipt of the Sacrament grants them.