Our History

History and Operation of Holy Trinity

Saint Thomas the Apostle parish was founded in 1937 at its present location on Azle Avenue to serve the needs of the Czech community on the North Side of Ft. Worth. The first Mass was celebrated in the Rectory by the first pastor, Fr. Emil Gerlich, on August 8, 1937, with approximately 60 people in attendance.

Construction on the Church began September 5, 1937, and was completed in late November of the same year. Formal dedication of the parish by the Most Reverend Joseph Patrick Lynch was held on December 5, 1937, with a High Mass celebrated by Fr. Emil Gerlich, who served as pastor until April 1956.

The parish operated a school from 1947-1968 and was staffed by the Benedictine Sisters of Lisle, Illinois.

A parish hall was constructed and dedicated in 1938. The cost of the construction was financed through an on-going fund raising program to which all were invited to participate.

Bishop Joseph P. Delaney, Bishop of Ft. Worth, approved plans for a Mass of convenience in the Azle area in November 1982. The first Mass was celebrated at Saint Thomas Mission, which was held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on November 20, 1982, with over 100 people in attendance.

Due to the growth in the community, the Mission moved its location in December 1991, to the Azle Baptist Church (324 Northwest Parkway). We also began in earnest to work for our own meeting place. To this end, twelve (12) acres were acquired in August 1992, on Highcrest Drive in Azle.

On April 26, 1993, Bishop Delaney formally bestowed the name of Holy Trinity Mission to our community. The sign of a proper identity marks the significant moment in the history of this growing sector of our faith community.

At present, Holy Trinity is an established Mission of St. Thomas and their spiritual needs are provided for by the priest(s) of St. Thomas the Apostle Church located at 2920 Azle Avenue, Fort Worth 76106-4909.

What the future holds remains to be seen. A master plan for the property has been developed and a specific first phase building has been finalized. Father Salvator M. Stefula, TOR, our pastor celebrated the first Mass in our new building on Easter Sunday, April 1, 1996. The official dedication of the new building took place on June 23, 1996, by Bishop Joseph P. Delaney.

After 20 years of service at the parish, Fr. Salvator M. Stefula, TOR, was transferred in 2008. He was followed by Fr. Antony Mathew, TOR, who pastored the church from 2008 until 2014. Fr. Mathew Kavipurayidam, TOR, then pastored the church from September 5, 2014 to June 16, 2019. He was assisted by Fr. Benjamim Hembrom,TOR, who joined him in August of 2018.

On June 16, 2019 Bishop Olson read a decree establishing Holy Trinity as the first Catholic parish in Azle Texas. Fr. Wilson (Vattaparambil) Lucka, TOR, who was ordained in 2002, became the church pastor.

The community of Holy Trinity serves approximately 350 families. Many of our programs are financed from our parish budget, thus allowing us to operate these services without fees. This method of operation can only be accomplished through your financial generosity and gifts to God through His Church.